From February 5th to 8th, the University of Alicante (Spain) hosted the 2024 Strategic Intelligence Workshop for Innovative Organizations as part of the 6th Specialization Course “Strategic Intelligence for Innovative Organizations”. This event was promoted by the Department of Business Organization of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Technological Observatory of the University of Alicante, with the collaboration of leading organizations in technological monitoring and competitive intelligence, including e-Intelligent, the Technological Institute of Informatics, Ferroglobe Innovation, INVAT-TUR, and Kimitec.

#InteligenciaUA: A Deep Dive into Innovative Intelligence Practices

Designed for businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals interested in efficiently managing their business information, this workshop offered a week-long immersion into the world of strategic intelligence. Participants engaged in hands-on learning experiences aimed at applying theory to real business situations. Attendees included both online and in-person participants from countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, among others.

A highlight of this edition was a workshop with Lara Rey, a Market Intelligence analyst at Ferroglobe Innovation, and the introduction of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence transforming the field of business intelligence.

The workshops focused on developing skills to implement strategic intelligence systems, effectively analyze information sources, and manage specialized software, including the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. They also emphasized the production of intelligence through advanced analytical skills and communication strategies, all aimed at providing comprehensive training on innovation in organizations. This included improving competitiveness and adaptability to the current dynamics of market changes.

#InteligenciaUA hits its sixth edition with the latest in strategic intelligence

Technology monitoring and strategic intelligence have become essential business practices for competing in an increasingly digital and demanding environment. They enable professionals and organizations to stay abreast of the latest developments from competitors or in technology, systematically monitor market activities, anticipate changes, and make informed decisions. Moreover, they are becoming crucial for efficiently integrating artificial intelligence into businesses, accelerating its adoption, and optimizing its use to gain competitive advantages for organizations focused on innovation.

To date, this workshop has attracted over 130 professionals from various fields such as research groups, startups, knowledge and technology transfer offices, science and technology parks, technological observatories, corporate R&D units, patent advisors, technology centers, and public and private institutions. This reflects its broad scope and significance in the field of strategic intelligence.

This edition’s sessions included:

  • Strategic Deployment of a Strategic Intelligence System: Lara Rey from Ferroglobe Innovation’s Market Intelligence guided attendees through the critical phases for deploying a strategic intelligence system effectively within any organization.
  • Leveraging Information Sources and Intelligence Strategies: Led by e-Intelligent’s CEO, Cristina Triviño Sánchez, this session educated attendees on extracting maximum value from information sources and databases, enhanced by the latest in artificial intelligence innovations for digital information access.
  • Technological Solutions for Intelligence: Francisco Ricau González from ITI explored the current technological solutions landscape for intelligence, highlighting the newest artificial intelligence applications in a detailed masterclass.
  • Intelligence Analysis and Production: Presented by Rubén Arcos Martín of SCIP, this focused on the methodologies of intelligence analysis and creating analytical products to support decision-making processes.
  • A concluding roundtable session featured practical intelligence application discussions, showcasing insights from Antonio Valle Sánchez of Invat·tur, known for his work in technological surveillance and artificial intelligence in tourism, and Antonio Puertas from Kimitec, discussing technology and intellectual property management.

The Strategic Intelligence for Innovative Organizations specialization course is now moving into its final phase, focusing on the development of final projects by participants under expert guidance. The upcoming course edition is scheduled to begin enrollment in July 2024 for the following academic year.

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