Energy Newsletters and Reports

  • Report about mining of the future – May 2021

    This is a specialized technology monitoring report on trends in intelligent and sustainable mining. It analyses the opportunities of the scientific, technological and market environment for new developments, such as process automation. It is prepared by Apta Hub (Andes Pacific Technology Access.).

  • Bioenergy and bioproducts technology report – April 2021

    This publication presents the latest patents related with seaweed as a natural source of active ingredients with antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The report is elaborated by AEI, CIEMAT, BIOPLAT and OEPM from Spain.

  • Monthly technology monitoring reports from BatteryPlat

    BatteryPlat brings together the main Spanish organizations, companies, universities and technology centres in the field of energy storage such as electrochemical (cells and batteries), chemical, thermal, mechanical and magnetic.

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