Materials Newsletters and Reports

  • Technology Monitoring Reports for the Plastic Transformer Sector (OEPM, AIMPLAS)

    On a quarterly basis, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the Technological Institute of Plastic (AIMPLAS) publish technology monitoring reports for the Plastic Transformer sector. These technology reports bring together the latest patents published on new products facing sustainable development, production processes improvements and new plastic materials with advanced properties.

  • Technology Monitoring Reports for the Footwear sector (OEPM, INESCOP)

    On a quarterly basis, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the Technology Footwear Centre (INESCOP) publish technology monitoring reports publish technology monitoring reports on the latest developments in footwear materials based on recycled and sustainable fibres, adhesives, leather, plastic, eco-design and smart manufacturing issues.

  • Report: Patents for tomorrow’s plastics (EPO)

    The data presented in this report shows trends in high-value inventions and offers policymakers and investors key insights into potentially game-changing chemical and biological recycling methods for producing virgin-like plastics from waste.

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In this section you can find the latest sectoral technology offers, requests and partner searches for completing EU funded project proposals, published by the Europe Enterprise Network (EEN).

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