Reports and Newsletters on Industry 4.0 related sectors

  • Monitoring report on manufacturing industry – 2020

    The latest technological developments to manufacturing industries, such as minimalist and sustainable footwear, industrial reactivation and transformation. It contains an article on the development of the world’s first spherical artificial eye with a 3D retina. Prepared by PLATECMA, Spain.

  • Technology report on IoT and logistics

    Orienting technologies to improve the sustainability and efficiency of industrial processes is one of the great challenges in the supply chain management of Industry 4.0. This newsletter analyses the most relevant patents to identify key technological trends for the industry, elaborated by CIGEPI,

Industry Newsletters and Reports

  • Market Data and Industry Report: Photonics – June 2021

    This report reflects the growth of the European photonics industry. In 2020 the light industry grew more than double the world GDP, being present in Industry 4.0, digitization, quantum, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. Published by Photonics21.

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