Environment sector newsletters and reports

  • Technology monitoring report on Marine Energy – July 2021

    This report shows the latest patent filings related to the technical field of the oceanic tide, wave flow and wind energy from floating devices. It contains news, events and statistical data on the field. Elaborated jointly by OEPM (Spain) and INPI (National Intellectual Property Institute of Portugal).

  • Patent Report on biomass for bioeconomy – June 2021

    The latest patents related to bioenergy and bioproducts sectors and a brief landscape of the development and projects in the field of green hydrogen in Europe. Elaborated jointly by AEI, Bioplat, CIEMAT and OEPM, Spain.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Wastewater Treatment Newsletter

    This technology monitoring bulletin compiles the state of the art of industrial wastewater treatment processes generated during the manufacture of pharmaceutical compounds. Prepared by Cetenma (Technology Centre for Energy and Environment), Spain.

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