Open tools for technology intelligence

Observa integrates a set of open and customised tools to get started in technology monitoring and intelligence and to support day by day research and development for companies, entrepreneurs and researchers.


Observa tools help to detect setor signals and technology cooperation and innovation opportunities, offering specialized information on:

  • Technology offers and requests
  • Patents and research outputs
  • Congresses, fairs and brokerage events
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Call for proposals, financing support
  • Innovative projects and best practices
  • Open learning resources, among others.

How it works

Take advantage of OBSERVA in three single steps:

  • 1 Alerts

    Monitor your interests by choosing your sector preferences.

  • 2 Setor Information

    Check available technology intelligence products.

    Setor info
  • 3 Search Tools

    Look for accessible research, technology and innovation.


Observa Data

OBSERVA is supported by its own specialized information retrieval and indexing system:

  • 7 Search engines
  • 20.000 Information sources
  • 450.000 Documents


  • Team

    OBSERVA is developed by a multidisciplinary team which combines technology developed by the Natural Language Processing and Information Systems Group (GPLSI) and the experience in technology transfer and innovation from the OVTT- OTRI of the University of Alicante in Spain.

  • Technology Development

    OBSERVA incorporates the latest natural language processing techniques, semantic web and machine learning for retrieval, extraction and intelligent classification of information.
    It provides abstracts, respecting original sources because it only stores the necessary data and links to perform efficient searches and access to information.
    Results respond to user-chosen preferences and they help the system to understand user information needs. In addition, the preferences can be changed at any time.