From the Dominican Republic for the whole latinoamerican region, the American Innovators Awards were born, supported by CAF, the Development Bank in Latin America, and organized by INNOVAMERICA .You can learn all about them on the web .

We spoke with the organizers of this initiative, created to reward those who have developed Latin American innovative projects in the categories of science and technology, education, business and industry, design, community development, sustainability and ecology.

This initiative aims to promote innovation and creativity in Latin America with the objective of popularizing these concepts among youth. Besides being an original initiative to rescue Latin America’s most brilliant minds, American Innovative hopes to encourage innovative new generations, not only for children dream of becoming a Maradona or a Paulina Rubio but a Dionisio Soldevila, discoverer of unknown muscles in the human body, or Concepci√≥n Campa that created a vaccine to prevent meningitis.

American Innovative has received since last April more than 200 entries from throughout Latin America. Among the innovations nominated, there is a significant participation of Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay, among others.

During the month of September the winners will be selected for the six categories of such Awards Innovator of America. Each will receive the sum of $ 40,000 under the Awards Ceremony to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on November the 24th.

This initiative is led by Patricia Janiot, a commentator for CNN in Spanish along with personalities such as the Family Pages (Dominican Republic), Gustavo Sorzano (Colombia) and Aldo Espinosa (Colombia).

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