The Tableau Software community presents the “Principles of business intelligence in 2019“, a complete on-line guide that analyses the main digital trends and potential for the understanding of organizations.

This analytical guide considers the most outstanding technological trends for business intelligence, mainly or paper of digital technologies or potential for the automation of efforts, among other important changes. These trends are:

The rise of explainable AI: As organizations rely more on artificial intelligence and machine learning models, how can they ensure they’re trustworthy?

Natural language humanizes your data: Advancements in NLP systems enable all people to unlock natural conversations with data.

Actionable analytics put data in context: BI platforms evolve to put data where people want to take action.

Data collaboratives amplify social good impact: Focused efforts from public and private-sector organizations strengthen ‘data for good’ movement.

Codes of ethics catch up to data: In light of regulations like GDPR, leaders assess the future of ethical data practices.

Data management converges with modern BI platforms: Governed data curation bridges the gap between data and business.

Data storytelling is the new language of corporations: Finding and communicating data insights is now a team sport.

Enterprises get smarter about analytics adoption: What happens when leaders focus less on adoption and more on engagement?

Data democracy elevates the data scientist: Data scientists develop soft skills to drive organizational change.

Accelerated cloud data migration fuels modern BI adoption: Data is moving to the cloud faster than ever, driving organizations to rethink their data strategy

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