Startup Genome releases the twelfth edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024 (GSER 2024). This internationally renowned report serves as a key resource for entrepreneurs and startups, providing a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the world’s leading startup ecosystems. It highlights emerging trends and crucial challenges that entrepreneurs face today.

GSER 2024 Report: The Latest in Global Entrepreneurship and Startups

The GSER 2024 report is based on the study of data from 4.5 million startups across 300 global ecosystems and over a decade of independent research and advising more than 160 economic and innovation ministries and public and private organizations in over 55 countries. This makes it an essential tool for organizations’ technological monitoring and strategic intelligence.

Key Findings:

  • Leading Ecosystems: The top three ecosystems have maintained their positions since 2020. Silicon Valley remains the undisputed leader, followed by New York and London, which share the second position.
  • Notable Climbers:
    • Tel Aviv has risen one spot, tying with Los Angeles in fourth place.
    • Tokyo has shown a remarkable improvement, jumping five places to enter the top 10, securing the tenth position.
    • Seoul has climbed three positions, reaching ninth place and entering the top 10.
    • Miami has demonstrated impressive progress, ascending seven spots to 16th place in the top 20.
  • Challenges in China: Beijing and Shanghai have dropped in the rankings, with Beijing down one place and Shanghai down two, to eighth and eleventh positions, respectively. However, Shenzhen has shown significant growth, rising seven places to 28th.
  • Advances in Europe: Paris has climbed four positions to reach 14th place. Both Zurich and Munich have advanced significantly, moving up five and four positions, respectively, entering the top 35 at 31st and 33rd places.

These results from the GSER 2024 report are relevant for organizations aiming to stay at the forefront of innovation and technological development driven by international startups. Detailed information about leading and emerging ecosystems enables investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to make informed and strategic decisions to leverage the benefits of these technological ventures. For instance, identifying regions with the highest growth and potential can guide investment and expansion strategies, while understanding the challenges facing ecosystems allows for the design of more effective support policies and programs.

For more information: GSER 2024 Report

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