Search Matters 2024: Advanced Training in Patent Searching
Search Matters 2024 is the annual gathering for professionals in advanced patent searching featuring the latest developments from the EPO in artificial intelligence.
  • 2024/04/23
  • Internet

On April 23rd and 24th, Search Matters 2024 will be held virtually from The Hague, Netherlands. It is the annual specialized training event for professionals in advanced patent searching, promoted by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Search Matters 2024

Search Matters 2024: The Latest for Professionals in Patent Searching

Search Matters is an annual event showcasing the European Patent Office’s (EPO) patent search strategies and techniques through a series of conferences and interactive workshops, featuring the latest innovations and technological advancements in the field.

This year, as a novelty, the event will address the integration of innovative approaches focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle sustainability challenges across various sectors. Specifically, it will explore how AI can provide valuable tools and solutions to enhance efficiency, optimize resource usage, and contribute to informed decision-making in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This approach aims to highlight how integrating AI into sustainable practices can lead to more responsible and environmentally conscious development.

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