The report “Large Companies + Startups = New innovation model” is lauched. It is a study dedicated to the analysis of trends and challenges of corporate venturing in Latin America as a result of a research carried out by the Prodem and Wayra Studies Center , with the support of the IDB.

This report offers a detailed analysis of the state of Open Innovation in Latin America, determining the number of companies that are collaborating with startups throughout Latin America.

  • Corporations working with startups in Latin America is a young but growing phenomenon.
  • About 150 big corporations are already working with over 2.000 startups, mainly driven by finding a faster, more efficient way to innovate.
  • Stages where the phenomenon occurs are spread across several countries in the region but activity increases in the most developed ecosystems.
  • The phenomenon is not exclusive to tech or transnational firms. In many countries big, local companies are leading CV activity.
  • There are no unique models or recipes. Most common tools are accelerators and incubators, with corporate VC funds on the rise.

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