The new version of the Standard UNE 166006: 2018 “Management of R&D on Monitoring and Intelligence Systems” has been recently published. It is a standard designed to help the implementation of surveillance and intelligence systems in all types of organizations, as part of the R&D management. It standards a common terminology and processes to guide the action.

This new version of UNE 166006: 2018 Standard, represents a strategic tool to improve the decision making of organizations in the current technological context. It helps to implement systematic processes of capture, analysis, dissemination and strategic use of information for the anticipation of changes, the reduction of risks and uncertainties or the detection of innovation opportunities, among other advantages.

In order to know its details, we spoke with Gerardo Malvido, Responsible for Certification of R&D of AENOR and expert that has participated in the elaboration of this new norm.

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About UNE 166006: 2018 ‘Management of R&D: Monitoring and intelligence system:

This new version of the Standard UNE 166006: 2018 “R & D Management: Monitoring and Intelligence System” aims to facilitate the formalization and structuring of the process of collecting and analysing information about the organization’s environment, in order to support decision making at all levels. To do this, it proposes the implementation of a permanent management system for surveillance and intelligence, especially focused on the R & D activities of the organization. This standard is applicable to all organizations that establish a surveillance and intelligence management system, regardless of their size, activity or geographic scope. It can also be used as a purchase specification for contracting services to third parties.

The Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) has been part of the Working Group CTN 166 / GT 6 of Monitoring and Intelligence in charge of this revision of the standard.

More information: AENOR

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