Support University technology companies on their way to the internationalization is the goal of RedEmprendia Landing, a specialized program to open up to new markets, meet locally best international business strategies and strengthen links with technological partners in the Latin American region.

Speak with Diego Luis Orozco, the Area leader of projects and relationships with the company’s RedEmprendia and Economist specialist in projects.

Q: What is RedEmprendia Landing?

RedEmprendia Landing is a programme of support for the internationalization of startups and professionals of the project, intended to explore knowledge and new markets in Latin America through the network of science parks and incubators of the universities member of RedEmprendia.

Q: Does pursue objectives?:

Program was created with a view to strengthening the international relations at the company s linked to our centers of support for the creation of companies, for the development of their business; and improve the exchange of experience and expertise of the technical staff in entrepreneurship and innovation in these universities.

Q: What looking for the program? to promote the internationalization of innovative companies:

Is important to support entrepreneurs so that they can better understand the new markets to those who want to internationalize it, helping to generate contacts in these countries with other entrepreneurs, potential customers, partners and distributors for example. And together, we want to strengthen the cooperation in the whole of the iboeramericana region from the leadership of the centers of support for the creation of companies.

Q: For, what offer you RedEmprendia Landing entrepreneurs?

The opportunity that the entrepreneur design your internationalization plan, which can have multiple approaches: shopping, search of strategic partners, recognition of business opportunities in a particular destination or transfer of technology, among other options. Technician in entrepreneurship, can design a plan for the recognition of best practices or experiences a network destination. For either of the two publics, RedEmprendia Landing, offers more than 40 destinations, which is the number of incubators and entrepreneurship support centres associated with our universities (24 in 7 countries of Latin America). In economic terms, the program offers aid of up to 1,500 euros to cover the cost of the trip.

Q: Who and how you can participate in the program?

The program is focused on two public: entrepreneurs whose enterprise has at least one year of legal Constitution, and technicians from our offices in entrepreneurship and innovation. To opt for a destination, the interested party must submit a work plan, responding to one or several specific objectives: trade, technology transfer, market knowledge, search of partners, etc. That proposal must be validated by the University to which belongs the entrepreneurial or technical, and will be evaluated by the University that serve as a destination. The entire process is done through our microsite: The host university can suggest adjustments in the work plan, or reject the proposal, reason by which the proponent must identify in their plan, up to three possible destinations.

Q: How long is the program? until when will it be effective?

RedEmprendia Landing is a permanent call. At any time of the year, the employer can submit their applications. Another thing is the time that will last stay, since this depends on the characteristics of the work plan that intends to develop. It is normal to have a week-long. Some cases may require more time, such as for example the mounting of branches, which would require the employer to establish in the Centre of support for the creation of companies for awhile already measured in months. Of course this strategic decision has a cost which the employer must estimate.

Q: Could share us cases of successes and testimonials of the entrepreneurs who are participating?

An interesting case has been that of the Colombian company BIOINNCO, of the biotechnology sector. It traveled to the Parque científico de Madrid, and with their support was able to identify technology partners to perform validation and development of products, as well as for the purchase of advanced technologies.

Q: In your opinion, what are the main challenges facing a small and medium innovative at the time of being internationalized company?

The main problem is not having a clear internationalization, and plan not to identify the scope of the trip. A preliminary analysis of the needs of the company, and the recognition of the capabilities of the incubator or science park that can be reached, can improve the experience. For this reason, RedEmprendia Landing offers the possibility of reaching a destination supported by a strategic partner, which can also be consulted during the design of the work plan.

Q: What suggestions can make companies who apply to the program RedEmprendia Landing?

Make a diagnosis of the needs of the company, which could be solved through an international tour, supported by a technician of the University business incubator to which the employer belongs. Then, identify a group of incubators where it might be possible to approach a solution to the identified weaknesses, or enhance perceived strengths or opportunities. It is ideal request a videoconference with these incubators, in order to present the work plan, and make adjustments. Finally, submit the work proposal to microsite.

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