“Research, action and learning” is the motto of the entrepreneur development program (Prodem), promoted by the industry Institute of the National University of General Sarmiento of Argentina. A program pioneer on entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America, interest in the creation of companies and its decisive contribution to the economic and social progress in the region since a vocation latinoamericana.

Talk with Hugo Kantis, Director of the program Prodem and international venture, expert programs and policies development entrepreneur with an extensive professional resume in the matter.

Q: How did the Prodem program in your institution?

Prodem was born to the perception of that Latin lacked solid knowledge about the process of entrepreneurship and how to encourage their development as a system. In this way is a response also to the international context, where it is becoming increasingly more evident the importance of entrepreneurship for sustainable development of the territories and regions.

Undertaken in Latin America. ” Interview with Hugo Kantis, Director of PRODEM. from Group pole on Vimeo.

Q: What are its objectives?

As response to this context of social demand, Prodem objectives consist of generate and transfer rigorous knowledge of the ecosystem and entrepreneurship based on a methodological strategy that feeds the Research and experience of work with the real players.

Is a model that gives strategic importance to participation in networks and alliances with other national and international, professional and entrepreneurial institutions, to achieve a better bonding of back and forth between the process of knowledge construction and concrete practice.

Q: Who is program Prodem and what offers?

Recipients of Prodem are the Governments and different players in the ecosystem working with entrepreneurs. PRODEM offers services of research, studies, technical assistance and training that help define policies and institutional development of dynamic and innovative entrepreneurship programmes; to strengthen capacities and to evaluate the results of its activities.

Also from Prodem, we also work with organizations in the ecosystem and develop activities directly aimed at professionals working in them.

Q: Could share us a case of success that have developed?

If we look at as a venture Prodem can highlight several accomplishments, since “success” is a very strong word, by their impact on the ecosystem in the region. By ejemplo:

Q: When held this year the seminar-workshop and who can participate?:

Prodem organizes every year this seminar-workshop for professionals of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, a training-oriented space, reflection and the exchange of experiences among professionals are participating in different initiatives of promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. More than 200 professionals from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela already participated in four previous editions of the event.

This year, in the month of may, is conducted in Chile the fifth edition of the seminar-workshop for professionals of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America with a large team of trainers. And the regular registration period is now open. for all interested parties.

Q: From your experience, what are the main opportunities and challenges offered by the current entrepreneurs environment?

Opportunities have to do with Latin American economies that have benefited from the economic growth, resulting in an expansion of the middle classes and their demands that has grown much connection with actors in international markets. Support for incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs entrepreneurship centres has also grown tremendously and they start to make their breakthrough young entrepreneurs who hit the turn and become mentors or even investors. And the society has tended to evolve culturally recognizing the value of entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, there are many challenges for entrepreneurs because even when trends are still positive we have mature ecosystems. As a result, with variations between countries, access to financing is not easy and, in addition, not in all countries is equally easy to weave networks of contact. Large companies that could contribute to the ecosystem just are beginning, only a few, to do so. On the other hand, there are countries with systems of taxation and regulations heavy for entrepreneurs who still today represent a brake on this development.

Q: Finally, what are the main challenges for the future of the Prodem program for this year?

2015, our main challenges son:

  • Launch second ICSEd Prodem report giving account of the evolution of systemic conditions for entrepreneurship in the region.
  • Promote the realization of studies based on the ICSEd level countries.
  • Perform the Fifth seminar for professionals of the ecosystem in Chile.
  • Take a leap in quality in our communications.
  • Further progress in our ability to influence the development of policies of entrepreneurship in the region.

more information: Program PRODEM

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