#MoocVT is the first Mooc on Technology Monitoring, a massive open online course designed for entrepreneurs, researchers and companies interested in learning more about technology monitoring given by of Latin America experts.

#MoocVT is an online educational initiative promoted by OVTT of the University of Alicante in Spain. It would not be possible as well without the collaboration of a wide network of prestigious Latin American experts and professionals in technology monitoring and competitive intelligence. It is the result of collective work to make technology monitoring more accessible and comprehensible to entrepreneurs, researchers and companies in the current environment.

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#MoocVT also offers open learning resources in the field of innovation and technology management and a technology watch introductory training program where you set the learning speed and which is free, accessible, and available online. It is an innovative opportunity to learn how to incorporate this business practice into an enterprise, but also strategic aspects about detecting information needs in a business project such as information sources, techniques, tools and effectiveness in transforming the obtained information into useful knowledge for your project.

These are some of the #MoocVT key aspects:

Why you should learn about technology monitoring?

In the current global environment, where information and knowledge are gaining importance in the business world, an efficient management of these resources may be the best competitive advantage. The management skills and use of strategic information and knowledge are very important in an organization, so the process of identification, capture, analysis, dissemination and prioritization of it is vital for decision making and for detecting new business opportunities. Thus, technology monitoring is an essential tool for identifying technology innovation opportunities and new ideas that make easier an improvement in an organization’s processes, products and services in the market.

What is technology monitoring?

Technology monitoring is a systematic business practice for research and analysis of useful scientific and technological information that can help when making decisions, anticipating changes and improving the business. It is an essential practice that is often done unwittingly, so learning to manage it is of vital strategic importance for an organization. #MoocVT will teach you its conceptual fundamentals from a practical and applied view, designed to help entrepreneurs, researchers and companies take full advantage of this business practice in their work.

What is a MOOC?

MOOCs are expanding strongly in Latin American higher education as an educational innovation for continuous global training. They are a combination of teaching, technology and virtuality that is able to transform learning and educational innovation from universities.

A MOOC is a massive open online course. It is accessible to every interested user and its teaching methodology links with the theories of Connectivism and collaborative learning.

In addition, MOOC is an open educational method, the philosophy of which is knowledge liberation and processes favoring social appropriation of scientific and technological knowledge.

What will you learn in #MoocVT?

#MoocVT offers a training program which consists of six modules that will be taught by different prestigious lecturers with consolidated experience in the field of technology watch in Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia, México or Venezuela, and Spain.

  • Adel II González Alcalá, (Colombia) director, will teach module 1: “Basics to get started in technology watch”. It will help you understand the most important concepts that technology watch in an organization includes as well as to identify reasons why this business practice may be important for your work.
  • Alessandro Comai, Miniera S.L director and founder, will teach module 2: “Technological intelligence decision making”. It will introduce you to the strategic value that technology watch and competitive intelligence have in an innovative business project.
  • Juan Carlos Vergara Villanueva, CDE-Inteligencia Competitiva director and founder, will teach module 3: “Technology watch and competitive intelligence systems”. It will explain you the development of a technology watch process, how to find references and guides to guide you and how to design and implement your own technology watch system.
  • Cristina Triviño, e-intelligent co-founder and technology watch and strategic intelligence manager, will teach module 4: “Tools for technology watch”. It will help you improve the selection of information sources and tools to carry out technology watch and competitive intelligence practices in your work.
  • Crisólogo Martín Villanueva, National Director of Studies, Under Secretariat of Studies and Prospective of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina (MINCYT, in Spanish), and Nancy Verónica Pérez, Professional Technical and Manager Adviser of the Programa VINTEC, will teach module 6: “Good practices on technology watch and competitive intelligence. The Argentine model”, which has become an international standard as public policy advocacy of technology watch aimed at Innovation National System of Argentina actors.

In addition, module 5 “Case studies” will count on the participation of excellent professionals and researchers that will share good practices and case studies on technology watch to show its applicability and usefulness in different institutions and fields of activity. In order to do that, they will take part in initiatives as Intelligo (OEI) and inter-university networks such as RedEmprendia, RedUE-ALCUE and RedPila through collaborations with the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute, IPN) and CeGesTec+I of the Simón Bolívar University (Venezuela), respectively.

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