MOOCVT 2: Technology Monitoring: tools and strategies to innovation is a MOOC course aimed at all those interested in innovation especially companies, entrepreneurs and researchers. It’s an opportunity to learn how to use business practices to make the most of strategic and technological information in the business.

After the success of
MOOCVT 1, with more than 6,300 enrolled students, this second on-line, open and massive course goes one step further to reinforce the practice of technology monitoring and competitive intelligence in organizations, also offering all users a new website with open learning resources, with exercises, templates, guides and manuals such as the MOOCVT Learning Manual 2.

Spot MOOCVT 2: Vigilancia tecnológica: herramientas y estrategias para innovar from OVTT on Vimeo.

The objective of the course is to:

Learn how to develop an agile and fast planning process for technology monitoring in your professional activity through CANVAS Model.

Learn how to take advantage of the informational value of intellectual property to innovate, specifically patents, utility models and brands.

Learn which kind of tools exist and how to use them.

Learn how to analyse scientific and technological information for decision making and what are the keys to develop effective technology monitoring products.

Learn with examples how to develop monitoring and intelligence processes and activities in organizations.

Learn how these techniques can generate added value in the development of R & D proposals.

This educational initiative is promoted by a network of professional jointly with the Observatory for Technology Transfer of the University of Alicante (Spain). It is possible thanks to the collaboration of a wide network of experts and professionals of recognized prestige in Ibero-America, specifically from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru and Cuba;

    • Aura Esther Troconis Troconis, professor and researcher at “Universidad Simón Bolívar” and member of “Centro de Gestión de la Tecnología e Innovación (CeGesTec+i)” from Venezuela.
    • Sergio Larreina, Director of the Strategic department of ISERN Patents and Trademarks, Spain.

Furthermore, there is the collaboration of several experts, such as:

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