“Community of Practice on-line monitoring technology for Latin America,” it’s an on-line and free tool for users who have successfully completed #MoocVT. Its aim is to strengthen the practice of technology monitoring from participation, collaborative learning and accompanied by expert teachers who took part in the first edition of MOOC.

This new virtual training initiative has been possible thanks to the promotion of the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) and the collaboration of different organizations from different Latin American countries: the Rionegro Node Technopark Network SENA (Colombia), CDE-Competitive Intelligence (Spain), the National Programme for technology watch and Competitive Intelligence, VINTEC, the Ministry of Science , Technology and Innovation, MINCYT (Argentina), and the Center for Technology Management and Innovation, CeGesTec + i, Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela).

The information in this online program can know in its prospectus:

Access the Program Prospectus What this program intends?:

  • The program aims to:
  • Build a learning community surveillance technology with Latin American vocation.
  • Reinforce knowledge and skills of the participants for the implementation of surveillance technology in practical cases and experiences.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas between users and experts.
  • Promote collaboration and networking for generating innovative initiatives.

What will you learn if seleccionad@?:

Through case studies and experiences could learn to implement technological monitoring techniques, with the support and guidance of the participating teachers. The program consists of four thematic modules:

  1. Identification and objective planning of technological surveillance.
  2. Strategies and methodologies of technological surveillance.
  3. Useful in developing technological processes monitoring tools.
  4. Analysis methodologies by types of products in surveillance technology.

How will the learning methodology?:

This online program proposes an on-line and participative methodology. For 8 weeks will combine video taught by each teacher to expose the thematic module to work; activities to be developed, with which the participant can practice their knowledge and learning; forums for consultation and exchange of views and virtual support of teachers.

Who will be the teachers?:

Participants in this program online teachers are:

Adel II Gonzalez Alcala (@AdelGonzalez / LinkedIn). Network Node Manager TecnoParque Rionegro SENA (Colombia). He gave Module 1: “Basics for beginners technological surveillance” of #MoocVT and will be responsible for developing the first module of the program, with which you can identify the most important variables of a process of objective management of technological surveillance.

Juan Carlos Vergara Villanueva (@jcvergara / LinkedIn). Director and founder of CDE-Competitive Intelligence. He gave Module 3 “systems technology watch and competitive intelligence” #MoocVT and will be responsible for developing the second module of the program, with which you can learn to design strategies and methodologies of technological surveillance.

Nancy Veronica Perez (LinkedIn). Advisory Technical-Professional Management Program VINTEC, MINCYT (Argentina). He gave Module 6 “Good practices on technological monitoring and competitive intelligence. The Argentine model” #MoocVT and will be responsible for developing the third module of the program, which will learn to use different tools for technology watch.

Aura Esther Troconis Troconis (LinkedIn). Novel Professor Simon Bolivar University and member of the Center for Management of Technology and Innovation (CeGesTec + i) of the USB. He participated in Module 5 of case studies with the case #MoocVT “One product, multiple applications” and will be responsible for developing the fourth module of the program dedicated to analysis processes of technological surveillance.

How can you participate?:

This online program: “Community of Practice on-line monitoring technology for Latin America” is aimed at users who have successfully #MoocVT and are eager to continue learning about technological surveillance practices and innovation.

Their places are limited to 30 participants, therefore, to be selected must complete a short application form before 6 May 2015. With this process, we would like to know their motivations and expectations about technological surveillance to participate in this pilot initiative . On Friday May 8 will be published the list of selected participants.

Application Form

Application Form When the program starts?:

The online program began its activities on May 11 with the first video. All participants previously receive the tutorial with details and schedule of the program. For more information you can write to email ovtt@ua.es and respond to all queries.

More information: Blog #MoocVT

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