Alerta network is a result of the Alerta project, funded by the Social European Fund within the operational programme 2007-2013 Galicia, and led by IGAPE. The challenge was to achieve the implementation of a collaborative competitive surveillance system that was born in the framework of the regional economic development agencies of Spain, Portugal and France.

What was Alerta Network?

Alert network was launched to create a open community with free users interested in exploring collaborative systems of competitive surveillance. To do so, provided users access to an open source platform and work from collaborative groups specialized in different topics to monitor, analyse and innovate in network.

What were the goals?

  • help organizations to incorporate processes and practices of competitive intelligence in their organizational strategies.
  • provide users access to high value information on strategic challenges and thematic shared.
  • promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas among all members participants.
  • promote the generation of value networks and opportunities for collaboration among members and participating institutions for the future generation of innovative projects.

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