The CDTI (Centre for Industrial technological development of Spain) and FINEP (Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos de Brazil) opened its first Bilateral call to finance projects of technological innovation and the innovative companies in both countries are invited to submit project proposals to be developed in cooperation under the conditions of this call. The proposals have to contemplate an effective collaboration among the proponents companies and projects will have to be innovative to level country or world.

This program, which is part of the cooperation agreement signed by both agencies in 1996, aims to encourage the development of projects of companies from both countries, highlighting innovation as a hallmark of its products and applies to all sectors of activity provided that they implement any technology base. The only established condition is that the projects presented have compulsory and as a minimum, a Brazilian company, and another Spanish.

The deadline for sending proposals is open until December 31, 2015. Starting from there, begins the process of selection of projects by the CDTI and Finep, which will extend until June 2016.

With regard to funding, the CDTI will operate through grant and credit, while the Finep will operate with credit variable depending on the degree of innovation of the project. There will be in any case return for companies, also variable, but with a minimum amount of 30% by company participating in the project estimated.

The term of implementation of the projects will vary from agreement to the degree of innovation that present and the work area in which stipulated.

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