RedEmprendia presents RedEmprendia Crowdfunding, a platform for collective funding for University projects in the Ibero-American context that is born with the philosophy of supporting entrepreneurs so that they can carry out their projects, facilitating access to new means of collective funding and personalized mentoring.

With the support of us, pioneers of crowdfunding in Spain, and the sponsorship of Santander Bank, through Santander universities, RedEmprendia started a crowdfunding platform specialized in financing projects entrepreneurs College born in universities in Spain and Latin America, where you can get economic resources to realize their ideas, adding ” small contributions from people interested to change which should offer a reward.

At its launch, the differential value of this platform of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs University focuses on the following advantages:

  • Just for registering in RedEmprendia Crowdfunding and send your project, University entrepreneurs will receive free advice for designing your campaign of crowdfunding success.
  • more scientific or technological knowledge-based and innovative ideas can be differentiated with the PIBU seal to the innovative project of University Base, which will have benefits important.

PIBU seal to the innovative project of University basis will allow University entrepreneurs access value benefits as :

  1. visibility. All the initiatives having the PIBU seal will be announced via the web and social networks of RedEmprendia channels.
  2. Funding. RedEmprendia will bring up to 2,000 euros for the three most successful crowdfunding campaigns (that have resulted in at least 80% of the total amount requested) provided that this additional amount not more than 20% of the total of the campaign of crowdfunding.
  3. Mentoring. Projects with greatest growth potential will be personalised through the RedEmprendia network of mentors advice.

Remember, in order to benefit from these advantages, entrepreneurs must upload your project to this crowdfunding Platform prior to March 15, 2016.

If you need more information, these questions will be useful:

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the English term used to refer to investment or collective funding. It means being able to socialize the funding of a project, coordinating a group of people who financially support the project. A simple example would be the following idea: rather than asking someone who invests $ 10,000 into your project, ask to 10,000 people who invite 1 euro, usually through a digital and collaborative platform specialized in crowdfunding.

These collaborative platforms specialized in crowdfunding put in contact people who have projects with people who are willing to finance them through contributions. According to the Spanish Association of Crowdfunding, there are four types of crowdfunding: reward, donation, investment, and loan.

What are the rewards?

RedEmprendia Crowdfunding is a rewards-based platform. These are what we offer to potential patrons in Exchange for your contributions, i.e., the consideration given contributions. They can be both material and immaterial, economic or in-kind, and above all creative. You’ll find some examples: donations, awards, discounts, experiences, pre-buys of products or services or activities.

What kind of projects can be released?

RedEmprendia Crowdfunding is open to any initiative, entrepreneurial, technological, cultural, social, environmental, etc. promoted by students, researchers, teachers, recent graduates – from the year 2012 – Ibero-American universities.

How does RedEmprendia Crowdfunding?

first thing you must have is a project, a realistic idea and that bring value to the community. Thus, you must first register at RedEmprendia Crowdfunding and click on the option “ send you project“. A from this moment and until the crowdfunding project is ready to launch, you must design your campaign by completing all the sections and will feature free and constant support from experts at your disposal.

. When the information is complete on the platform the next step is to get the validation of the project by the community in “the box“. In this phase the projects do not receive economic contribution, but that it’s a level prior to the phase of financing in which projects should meet 100 votes of their community to move to the phase of financing.

in addition, all projects that pass to the phase of funding will be evaluated by a team of RedEmprendia which will determine if they meet the conditions to get the PIBU seal to the innovative project of technological Base. This recognition will provide RedEmprendia support in the dissemination of the entrepreneurial project and will give access to the network of mentors RedEmprendia.

In addition, RedEmprendia will provide additional funding (up to a maximum of 2,000 euros) to three projects PIBU, always that have 80% – minimum – of the total amount of their campaign of crowdfunding.

How long the crowdfunding campaign?

In the phase of financing the project sponsor must deploy the previously planned communication strategy , which will have a maximum duration of 90 days valid .

From now on, all the advantages of crowdfunding are within the reach of students from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, with the experience of the team launched us and the support of RedEmprendia, the largest university network on innovation, entrepreneurship, and transfer of r & d in the region.

more information: RedEmprendia Crowdfunding

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