The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publishes the Technology Trends (2021) Report based on patent information regarding Assistive Technology. It examines the main technology trends in seven strategic sectors: mobility, cognition, communication, hearing, physical environment, personal assistance and vision.

Informe Tendencias Tecnologicas 2021 OMPI sobre patentes

The report looks at patenting activity in assistive technologies to identify the main leaders, technologies and markets for patent protection, as well as helping companies and professionals to better understand the rapid technological changes for decision-making based on technology intelligence tecniques.

The patents analysed cover patent applications filed between 1998 and 2019. This makes it possible to distinguish technology trends for 2021 among the conventional assistive technologies and emerging assistive technologies. Furthermore, identifies nine technologies that may lead to the creation of new products arising from emerging technologies. The most outstanding applicants are related to assistive technology, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

Access to the full report and data in WIPO

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