The Observatorio Vitivinícola Argentino is committed to strategic surveillance and takes a step forward with its open services of technological information for the wine industry. ALERTAS is a free service for the users, which adds new functionalities and tools to support companies in specialized added value information for innovation.

This new tool is the first visible step that the Argentine Wine Observatory (
Observatorio Vitivinícola Argentino) is developing to help companies prioritize relevant data and strategic information that will help the wine industry’s competitive development.

The tool allows monitoring value information on global trends and opportunities for innovation and technological development for companies in the sector, attending to three priority topics:
Environment and sustainability.
Consumer and market.
Products and processes.

Through ALERTAS, users access to rigorous technological information and are able to search, analyse and value data in order to detect threats and opportunities for the wine sector from more than 300 sources of specialized information.

More information: ALERTAS

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