The WIPO Academy was established in 1998 and plays a central role in the activities of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to improve the capacity of countries in using the intellectual property system.

Encompasses a wide variety of methods of training such as:

  • Program of training professional.
  • distance-learning program.
  • Academia program.
  • Training programme for managers.
  • Summer courses.

All this specialized training in intellectual property portfolio has an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes linkages that have this field with trade, innovation, health, applied sciences, information technology and creative industries. All of them are taught by experts in intellectual property and are directed to different recipients, as: inventors and creators, entrepreneurs and professionals in intellectual property, responsible for the formulation of policies and work us governmental intellectual property institutions, diplomats, students and professors of intellectual property, and civil society.

In addition, WIPO offers on its website other informative and educational interest resources such as:

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