Innovation Lab (I-lab) is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), funded by the Italian cooperation for development. Operationally, is coordinated by the Division of competitiveness and innovation of the BID through a multidisciplinary team, comprising persons internal or external to the IDB.

I-lab is a platform to share challenges and Exchange ideas and solutions on different problems of development in Americ a L atina and the Caribbean. Through the Innovation Lab networks, these problems in the region are converted into high-impact innovations. In addition, through new technologies, is contributed to the identification of the most important problems of persons with disabilities as well as the most innovative solutions.

high impact innovations occur when new products, processes or services seek to address the needs and aspirations of the people. Thus, innovation impacts the way we live, work, and even think. High impact innovations require that we understand very well what are the needs of the people. Not just with the possible solutions, but also know how to transform them in reality and how to learn from them.

Currently, most relevant ongoing projects are:

  • A world of solutions.
  • Mobile Citizen.

Coming soon, prepares the launch of new projects such as:

  • Start-ups Latin America.
  • The innovation Lab for Haiti.
  • Entrepreneurial Diaspora.

More information: IDB innovation

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