The Spanish Standardization Agency AENOR is preparing the realise of the new version of the Technical Specification UNE 166006 Standard: R&D Management on Scanning and Intelligence Systems. Until March 3rd, 2018, the public process is open and all citizens may consult the document and contribute with suggestions through the Project Review System of the Spanish Association for Standardization:

This new standardization version on scouting and intelligence aims to facilitate the collecting and analysing information process to support decision-making at all levels. To this end, it proposes the implementation of a permanent management system for scanning and intelligence, especially focused on R&D activities of the organization. This standard is applicable to all organizations that establish an intelligence management system, regardless of their size, activity or geographic scope. It can also be used as a purchase specification for contracting services to third parties.

The Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) has been part of the CTN 166 / GT 6 Scanning and Intelligence
Working Group in charge of the Standard revision.

More information: UNE

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