From 6 to 8 May is celebrated in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the IX Conference international GUIDE “education and network society. The challenges of the digital age”, promoted by the University of el Salvador, and dedicated to the analysis of the impact of the digital revolution in society, higher education systems and models of teaching and learning.

This international conference aims to promote the debate on the improvement of higher education by proposing three thematic areas: education, vocational training and research, science and technology. To do this, it proposes to bring to light the needs of the student with the evolution of the 21st century and the proposal of new strategies and pedagogical technologies to meet those needs. Special attention to the education continues and the formation of the student who combines her studies with work, as well as the essential role of international cooperation and cultural sensitivity in the advancement of research in higher education and technology will also be provided.

GUIDE 2015 offers a full program of activities, with a pre-Conference, which will be held today Wednesday 6 may, 17 to 19 hours (Callao 660), with free entrance, and two days of lectures and thematic sessions. You can consult all the information on its website:

“the new role of higher education: modes of construction and distribution of knowledge”

on Friday, may 8, in the thematic area of research, science and technology, will be held the plenary “the new role of higher education: modes of construction and distribution of knowledge”, a forum for discussion and presentation of experiences that will count with the participation of the technology watch and competitive intelligence program) VINTEC) the Ministry of science, technology and productive innovation from the Argentina and the Virtual Observatory for technology transfer of the University of Alicante (Spain), with the presentation “innovating education in the practice of the technology watch: #MoocVT, a case study for Latin America”.

#MoocVT, the first MOOC’s introduction to technology monitoring is an educational action supported by the Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) of the University of Alicante in Spain. It is possible thanks to the collaboration of a wide network of experts inf technology monitoring and competitive intelligence of recognized prestige in Latin America, including the national programme VINTEC (MINCYT, Argentina).

#MoocVT is also a bet compromised by open learning resources in the field of innovation and technology management and offers the user a training programme of introduction to surveillance technology, free, available and accessible via the Internet, where the pace choose one himself.

in this paper, the Lic. Nancy Veronica Perez, Advisory Tecnica-gestion professional of the program national VINTEC, will present the experience and results of this educational initiative, aimed at strengthening the foundations of collaborative learning on open education and Networking. A major collective effort to make more accessible and comprehensible potential technological surveillance can bring to entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses in the current environment.

More information: Blog #MoocVT

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