MeetingPack 2022: solutions for circular economy
Professional meetings oriented to networking and trends in barrier materials and packaging to promote the sustainable circular economy in the industry.
  • 2022/04/20
  • Valencia (Spain)

On April 20 -21, will be hosted in Valencia (Spain) the MeetingPack 2022, a biennial reference gathering for trends on materials and barrier packaging applied to the circular economy. The event is organized by AIMPLAS and AINIA and will bring together the industry involved in the entire packaging value chain.

MeetingPack 2022 will address challenges and opportunities for the circular economy regarding the food barrier packaging sector. Recycling, eco-design and the use of biomaterials will set the trends in new developments. The event will offer a more technical, extended approach and a showcase of solutions and success stories that companies are bringing to the market. Along these lines, the packaging chain approach be addressed will be:

  • Circular economy. Use of waste for the manufacture of packaging.
  • Biopolymers, bio-based materials and compostable materials
  • Barrier and safe packaging made from recycled material
  • Recyclable barrier packaging
  • Sustainable materials and shelf life
  • Eco-design: sustainability through design
  • Manufacturing processes suitable for sustainable materials

More information: MeetingPack 2022

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