2021 International Conference on Resilient Cities from the Global South
International conference to promote the debate on the transformation of resilient cities, challenges and future opportunities for the South Region.
  • 2021/11/30
  • Internet (Chile)

Takes place on November 30th, December 1st and 2nd the International Conference 2021 Resilient Cities from the Global South. The event is held virtually from Chile and is promoted by research centres funded by the National Research and Development Agency (ANID), such as CEDEUS, CIGIDEN, and (CR)2.

In this current context, cities play a significant role in global problems, such as social inequalities, urban and territorial inequities, environmental impacts, climate change and pandemics, but at the same time, they also experience its consequences. The Conference seeks to strengthen the researchers’ community and be a space for the presentation and discussion of research and science development experiences on sustainable and resilient cities, with practical implications and impact on public policy.

There are three thematic lines to drive towards urban resilience and sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Urban trajectory
  • Urban Risk
  • Urban Governance

More information: International Conference on Resilient Cities

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