The past 13th of November it was held in Buenos Aires the Workshop “Innovative SME Management in Latin America: challenge for the SME development and opportunity for Higher Education Institutions”, supported by the National University of Quilmes (Argentina), the University of the Border (Chile), the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico), the Agency GIZ (Germany) and the Latin America and European Network University-Company (EU-ALCUE Network).

The meeting is part of the “Innovative SME in Latin America” project performed by GIZ and UAM (Mexico) and is developed jointly with professors of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University-Industry Foundation of the University of Balear Islands.

The aim of the meeting was to share reflections and proposals for the impulse of innovative SME management in Latin American perspective, to level of:

  1. Public policy in Latin America to promote innovation in SME.
  2. Identification and measurement of innovative practices on SME in the region.
  3. Distinct management methods through work of field

In the meeting participated several companies from different countries, such as:

  • PharmADN (Argentina). National Advanced Laboratory, dedicated to the production of innovative therapies that contribute to last generation solutions for human health. It forms part of a public consortium of research, development and innovation. In its instrumentation plant they produce antibodies for distinct types of cancer treatment (breast, lung, colon and rectum), also autoimmune diseases such as arthritis rheumatoid.
  • The consortium received the support of the Biotechnology Sector of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.
  • Calzart (Bolivia). Industrial group devoted to the manufacture and commercialisation of footwear and leather articles. Their mission is to produce footwear, pieces and articles of leather with an excellent quality, durability and elegance, as well as provide leather services of skilled qualification. At present it offers franchise on their products.
  • BIOREPRO Ltda (Chile). Technology base Company devoted to the Salmon production industry, offering a wide range of services in the crio-preservation genetic area. Among all the services, there are an innovative service of crio-preservation of salmon semen. Moreover, the technique allows to keep a genetic reservoir in case of illnesses or disasters, fact that gives a greater importance to innovation.
  • OSP International CALA (Colombia). Technological base Company devoted to the development of technological solutions of verification, inventory and diagnostic of networks and infrastructures. Solutions of software for processes automation with high recognition in Telcos from Latin America (more than 15 operators in 8 countries) and commercial presence in the majority of countries of the region. The company integrates projects with technological partners of international size (Consultronics/EXFO, AFC/Tellabs, among others) in areas of transport, access, management and external plant for telecommunications operators.
  • Group Devant (Mexico). Company devoted to Skilled Consulting in Information and Communications Technologies, with almost 20 years of experience offering advice to companies of the Financial, Productive and Services sectors. It has the human and technological resources to offer successful solutions based in Efficient and Innovative Technologies and low strict standards of quality.

The results of this workshop can be find in the web page of the event: Workshop “Innovation Management in SME from Latin America”.

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