See the Ranking universities (Webometrics) website, which provides more complete and updated of institutions of higher education around the world, classification according to the perspective of the Ibero-American countries. Is made by the strong > Cybermetrics Lab (CSIC, Spain), and since 2004, every six months, an independent academic ranking in order to supply reliable, multidimensional, up-to-date information and useful about the universities from around the world taking into account their presence and impact on the Web.

Today, this Ranking includes more than 21,000 universities with two editions, one that appears at the end of January and a second available at the end of July. Its production caters for factors such as visibility and activity of universities, focusing on the measurement of aspects such as: the impact, the quality of the contents, the international prestige, academic performance, the value of information, the usefulness of the services, the total of pages hosted in the main web domain, the opening to the creation of institutional repositories for research in open access and excellence presence , with academic papers published in international journals of high impact.

the original aim of the Ranking is to promote publication in the academic web, by supporting open access initiatives, with the aim of significantly increasing the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by universities to society.

According to the results of Latin America can see a Ranking overall in the region and country specific Rankings.

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