TIM ANALYTICS is an open text mining and analytic tool, designed to help in strategies for technology intelligence and allowing to extract knowledge from large and complex volumes of data.

TIM ANALYTICS: Text Mining and Analysis Tool for Technology Intelligence

TIM ANALYTICS for analysis in technology intelligence:

TIM ANALYTICS is specialized in the processing and analysis of scientific documents such as publications, patents or R&D projects. It offers through open access:

TIM ANALYTICS is promoted by the European Commission, through the JRC.I.3 Text and Data Mining Unit of the Competence Center on Text Mining and Analysis of the Joint Research Center (JRC). Its documentation is available and is used intensively in the preparation of intelligence and prospective studies in Europe.

Thanks to CDE Competitive Intelligence for sharing this recommendation. Find out more specialized tools for technology monitoring with #Open_Tool, the digital catalogue of specialized tools from #MoocVT.