Industrial designs represent the legal protection for form/shape/configuration creations such as the ornamental aspect of an object. It consists of three-dimensional characteristics, such as the shape and surface of an object, or two-dimensional features, such as lines, motifs patterns and colour.

  • Protected object: the external appearance of a product or part of it, but not its technical features.
  • Type of protection: exclusive rights to prevent unauthorized reproduction or imitation by third parties.
  • Duration: 5 years, extendable up to a maximum of 25. In the case of an unregistered community design, the validity is 3 years from its disclosure.
  • Type: National Industrial Design, Drawing and Registered / Unregistered Community Model and International Registry.
  • Competent Body:
    • National Registers: OEPM Registered (Spain).
    • Community Designs: EUIPO (Europe).
    • International Registers: The Hague System administered by WIPO

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