Expobiomasa 2021
Professional event for the energy sector and biomass industry.
  • 2021/09/21
  • Valladolid (Spain)

From September 21 to 23, ExpoBiomasa 2021 will be held from Valladolid (Spain). It is a professional event on innovation and technology for the energy sector and the use of biomass. It will include the 10th International Bioenergy Congress and the 1st Renewable Gas Show. The meeting will focus on the recovery of the commercial activity of the sector in the installation markets of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. To do this, Expobiomasa 2021 will support companies in partner search for R&D collaborations in issues such as Ecodesign regulation, the Law of Climate Change and energy transition policies, or access to NEXT GENERATION recovery funds.

More information: ExpoBiomasa 2021

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