AgTech Latam 2021: The digital transformation of Latam Agrotech
Professional forum on digital transformation and innovation in agrotech in Latin America with the latest digital technologies to transform agriculture.
  • 2021/08/04
  • Internet (Latam)

From August 4 to 6 the AgTech Latam 2021 is held online with the topic “The digital transformation of Latin American Agriculture”, where the main technological and commercial developments and innovations on the use of digital tools in agriculture will be addressed. Agtech Latam 2021 will gather companies, investors, farmers and entrepreneurs who are developing the new Latin American agricultural landscape.

AgTech Latam 2021: Digital transformation and innovation of Latin America agrotech

The digital transformation of Latin America agrotech:

The topics that AgTech Latam 2021 will address will be the following:

  • News in the use of sensors in the fields
  • Innovative irrigation monitoring and control systems
  • Use of drones
  • Remote monitoring of crops
  • Precision farming
  • Analytics and data usage
  • Food e-commerce
  • The new marketplace for agricultural inputs.
  • Intensive agriculture, vertical agriculture.
  • Field management software
  • New machinery, robotics in agriculture.
  • Startup contest
  • Presentations of the most successful agrotech startups on the continent.

More information: AgroTech Latam 2021

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