APTE General Assembly at its last meeting, welcomed the new approach of the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation in which the technology transfer function and innovacion acquire a leading role. The General Assembly of APTE has shown its support for the Report of the Presentation of the Congress of Deputies, which includes the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation which gives a very positive step towards the internationalization of the Spanish system, making it easier to converge with other countries in innovation and to reach higher positions than those held by Spain in this moment of global innovation ranking.

In addition, the future law highlights the important role of science and technology parks and innovation system agents as well as the work of those in recovery activities, transfer and research support. The Assembly also welcomed the recognition of the parks as strategic sites for the transfer of research results to the productive sectors.

On this occasion, the Assembly of APTE was held at the Science and Technology Park of Gijón and during its development it has been credited to two new technopolis: the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura and the Agro Foundation Science and Technology Park Aula Dei .

During the Assembly also presented the final program of the forthcoming International Conference APTE , to be held from 27 to 29 April in Seville and organized by the Science and Technology Park Cartuja. Also during the meeting it was elected the park that will host the Tenth International Conference to be held in 2012, and on this occasion will take place in the Parque Tecnológico de Álava.

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