The virtual network to support the creation of technology-based companies is the pilot action of Transcrea Project, aimed to support innovative and technology-based firms and to facilitate the transfer of results from the university into the company.

The main objective of this network is to develop, implement and validate a novel approach for a coordinated and networking service to support the creation of technology-based companies in isolated or fragmented territories. It works basically on:

  • Generation and identification of innovative ideas or technology. Its origin may be spontaneous or the consequence of an individual activity, a school project, a career plan, a university research project, or responding to a business need.
  • Technological and business valuation of the idea.
  • Management of intellectual property.
  • Development of a project and a broader business plan.
  • Pre-creation of a company, prototype development, accompanying needs and physical location and technical advice, corporate, financial and fiscal, legal, organizational.
  • Creation of the company, specific support needs and advice.
  • Consolidation and growth of the company, seeking advice and personnel management, trade promotion, market expansion, business cooperation, quality and innovation.

More information: Virtual network to support the creation of technology-based companies.

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