Vicubo Cloud is a technology monitoring platform, designed to extract strategic information in all types of organizations. It supports to enhance competitive intelligence in decision-making and commitment to competitiveness and innovation.

The tool works through the cloud environment, being able to access data from anywhere and on any device. It allows many functionalities, to monitor the environment, markets, people or strategic contacts, competitors and information related to R&D.

The main characteristics of Vicubo Cloud are:

  • Technology based on SAAS and cloud computing.
  • Adaptation to the UNE 166.006 standard regulation and the European monitoring and intelligence recommendations.
  • Access to a wide catalogue of open information sources, updated in real-time.
  • Monitoring project-based management
  • Management, analysis and dissemination tools to complete the intelligence cycle.

e_Intelligent team offers an introductory manual to technology monitoring and belong OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: Vicubo Cloud