Linknovate is a competitive intelligence and technology monitoring platform that promotes effective management for scientific and technological information within innovation strategies and technology commercialization of companies.

Linknovate: competitive intelligence and tech scouting platform


Linknovate consists of a tracking tool for all online scientific production, both from companies and universities. It exploits massive data and open data, allowing to identify critical information about partnerships and competitors, new innovative companies (SMEs, startups, spin-offs, R&D groups) and the best partners or suppliers for cooperation and new products development. At a technical level, Linknovate focuses on the aggregation, structuring and cleaning of information sources focused on the so-called “fresh data”; as opposed to the use of unique publication or patent analysis tools.

Linknovate recently won the first prize for the Fiware Finodex accelerator and is part of the OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: Linknovate