Intool is a technology monitoring and competitive intelligence software, designed to automate and manage internal and external information as part of knowledge management and innovation strategy.

InTool is aimed at public administrations, business associations, clusters, observatories, small and medium-sized companies, local development agencies and technology centres.
There are two adaptable versions:

  • INTOOL Business: designed to support start-up process and promotion of intrapreneurship and innovation processes.
  • INTOOL Territory: designed for city councils and public entities to support the smart strategy management of the territory. It allows implementing a governance model based on the participation of social capital and aimed at promoting the generation of local employment.

The tool helps to define a strategy and guides the intelligence cycle management through UNE 166.006 standard specialized in monitoring and intelligence. It allows monitoring all key areas of the organization’s competitive environment such as potential customers, competitors, suppliers, sectors, patents, social networks, products and prices, regulations, tenders, legislation, technologies, financing opportunities or markets.

The tool is developed by Azaro Fundazioa, which is part of the OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: InTool