The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) represents one of the main regional organisation in the production of the socioeconomic indicators for innovation, providing useful statistical data for technology intelligence.

Data.Iadb is its main open data platform, giving access to specialised socioeconomic indicators for development and innovation, combined with specialised databases, highlighting:

  • Agrimonitor: to track agricultural policies and indicators on agriculture for Latin American and Caribbean countries.
  • INTrade: information for negotiation and implementation of trade and investment, analysis and trade indicators for Latin American and Caribbean region.
  • Latin Macro Watch: to analyse indicators on macroeconomics, trade, capital flows, markets, governance and social aspects of the Latin American and Caribbean region.
  • Social pulse: with statistics on key indicators of the living conditions of the population in the countries of the region.
  • SIMS: Database of Labor Markets and Social Security Information System.

In addition, the IDB is a prominent regional body in financing development and innovation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, facilitating access to the IDB project search engine with information, data and statistics on the characteristics and evolution of this type of projects.

In #MoocVT there are many learning resources and exercises to take advantage of this information value for products and analyses of technology monitoring such as commercial statistical studies.

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