The Frascati Manual (2015) is produced by the OECD and represents the main methodological reference manual for measuring science, technology and innovation activities. It standarises the production and treatment of R&D indicators and originally was published by the OECD in 1963 under the title “Proposed standard for research and experimental development surveys”. Today it has its seventh edition and is promoted by the OECD’s working group of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI), with support from the Division of Economic Analysis and Statistics (EAS) of the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), thus integrating more than 50 countries.

The Frascati Manual provides the essential concepts and categories used in R&D activities and highlights the attention to the R&D globalization. The OECD has published other methodological manuals known as the “Frascati Family”, whereas the most distinguished are the Oslo Manual on innovation, the Manual for technology payments (1990), the Patents Manual (1994) and the Canberra Manual (1995) on human resources dedicated to science and technology.

More Information: Manual de Frascati (2015)