The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) represents one of the main international organisations for science, technology and innovation indicators production.

OECD Data  is main open data platform, with access to the wide variety of socio-economic indicators, statistical resources and tools, including: OECD.Stat

Furthermore, the OECD is the world leader in the development of methodological manuals for science, technology and innovation. The manuals are a fundamental tool to internationally harmonising the production and treatment of the R&D indicators for its member countries. The methodological manuals promoted by the OECD are mainly:

  • Frascati family
  • Oslo Handbook

There is also supporting tools such as the “Public Procurement Toolbox” to help organisations in participating in public procurement processes.

In #MoocVT there are resources and exercises to help with information value in the elaboration of products and analysis of technology monitoring, such as commercial statistical studies.

More information: OECD Databases Catalog