Grants, loans and public support to technology business entrepreneurs are crucial for startups and technology business companies creation. It is the way of boosting innovation and employment.

In the case of Spain, the public support to finance technology-based and spin-off companies are promoted by the following organizations and programs:

  • CDTI: provides advice and training to entrepreneurs and finance support to startup and internationalization of the company. The most outstanding support initiatives are:
    • NEOTEC Program: this is the initiative of the Spanish government to support the creation and consolidation of new technology-based companies in Spain.
    • NEOTEC Venture Capital: Spanish investment program in Venture Capital.
    • ICO: finance entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives.
    • ENISA: provides financing to SMEs linked to innovation.

For Latin American countries, we recommend to consult the following public initiatives:

There are also other financing instruments to entrepreneurs and startups such as venture capital, capital raising or business angels. You will find more information in the Start-up and Spin-out Guide.