One more year, the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD) publishes the CYD 2016 Report, dedicated to the contribution of Spanish universities to development. This is one of the most outstanding studies on Higher Education and its activity in research and knowledge transfer to the productive system.

The main objective of the study is to analyse the importance of universities in the economic and social development of Spain through the research and knowledge
transfer to the productive system and the formation of human capital. It also aims to disseminate the perception that universities are a key element to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the Spanish economy. In this sense, it incorporates, as in previous editions, examples of successful experiences of collaboration among universities and companies from which to draw lessons for the future.

The CYD 2016 Report is structured into four chapters, an annex on the CYD Barometer and a statistical annex, in addition to the executive summary and a brief introduction.

The chapters address:

Spanish university system: basic features.
University graduates and labour market.
Research and transfer in Spanish universities.
The international position of Spanish universities.

Regarding the team, the CYD 2016 Report has been directed and coordinated by Martí Parellada and carried out by Montse Álvarez, Karsten Krüger and Ángela Mediavilla. Once again, it has the support of Banco Santander.

More information: Informe CYD 2016.

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