The project PILA (Intellectual Property Network in Latin America) aims to create a learning platform for exchange Intellectual Property Management practices in Institutions of Higher Education in Latin America, in order to encourage interaction between universities and enterprises, thus contributing to economic and social development .The Project has following objectives:

  • Increase awareness on the importance of developing good practices in intellectual property rights (IP) in their centers.
  • Creating a regional network (PILA) as a platform for ongoing dialogue on practical IP as including both government agencies and other participants in the innovation system in Latin American countries.
  • Increase know-how in IP for Latin American Research Institutions.
  • Improvement of IP systems and technology transfer in LA, through the development of political actions that improve strategies.
  • Support service on exploitation of research results and intellectual property to promote greater institutional capacity of Latin American universities in this area.

More information: PILA.

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