The University of Alicante (UA), in collaboration with the Bank of Santander, publishes the III Announcement of finantial support to Oficial Masters Degrees. This program supports international mobility and is headed to professors, researchers and students from Latin-American Universities integrated in the Latin America Network of Research Universities (RIDUP).


  • University of São Paulo. Brazil.
  • Autonomous National University of Mexico.
  • University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • National University of Córdoba. Argentina.
  • National University of La Plata. Argentina.
  • National University of Litoral. Argentina.
  • South National University. Argentina.
  • University Pontificia Catholic of Chile.
  • University Austral of Chile.
  • University of Chile.
  • University of Concepción. Chile.
  • University of the Frontera. Chile.
  • University of Santiago of Chile.
  • University of Antioquia. Colombia.
  • University of Andes. Colombia.
  • National university of Colombia.
  • University of Costa Rica.
  • University of Puerto Rico.
  • University of the Republic. Uruguay

Alicante, 29th February 2012

Fdo. María Begoña San Miguel
Vice-chancellor of International Relations and Cooperation. University of Alicante.

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