The 6, 7 and 8 of April, it is held in Lleida (Spain) the Eleventh Conference of the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy (OIDP) under the theme: “New Technologies and Civic Participation. Civil society and communication tools.”

From the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer consider vital the need to hold these meetings and focusing on the development and expansion of models govern based on citizen participation, transparency and the use of new technologies to improve the quality of life, being aware that the momentum of these policies is to invest in the social advancement of Science and Technology walking to the challenge of getting a citizenship with sufficient scientific knowledge, enabling to participate in democratic decision-making to new global challenges.

The contents of the XIConference of OIDP were divided into three themes:

  1. Participation: Impact of new technologies in the modernization of public administration, citizen participation and democracy, addressing topics such as eGovernment, network administration and full accessibility of the public to electronic administration.
  2. Networks: Social networks, virtual platforms and participatory initiatives to deepen the knowledge of these networks, its relationship with the institutions and their usefulness as channels of participation and expression of attitudes and civic engagement.
  3. Transparency: Transparency, participation and collaboration of the network in the design of public policies, focused on the implementation of ICT in governance and democratic forms of participation.

The International Observatory of Participatory Democracy is an open forum for all world cities, institutions, organizations and research centers that want to meet, exchange experiences and implement participatory democracy at the local level to deepen democracy in the governance of cities. Organizes annually an international conference with the desire to advance the debate on participatory democracy while fostering a common space for sharing experiences and knowledge in this field. Nowadays the OIDP has a total of 457 members, of which 271 are local or regional governments.

Promote policies and actions for the digital literacy of citizens is the germ of future development of network forms that will allow studying the demands of citizens and the impact of outreach activities, indicators and models that will open new avenues of work the future.

More information: Lleida Participa