The promoters of the II Forum RedEmprendia invite to participate actively in this new edition. The first session will be held on Wednesday 19th June 2013, entitled “Strengthening of production processes through implementation of best practices of operational productivity”, by Enginner Omar Vélez Gárces.

The next video will explain how you can participate actively in the II Forum RedEmprendia:

What is the Forum RedEmprendia?

The Forum RedEmprendia is a on-line meeting space for exchange of best practices, experiences and knowledge on three main thematic areas: R&D results transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, especially promoted and developed from the university.

The Forum RedEmprendia is part of the Institute RedEmprendia activities. The University of Antioquia (UdeA) leads this initiative, with the collaboration of the University of Buenos Aires, the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer of the University of Alicante (OVTT) and the Operative Unit of RedEmprendia.

How can one access?

Through the Blog Forum RedEmprendia. It has all the details: actuality, diary, speakers, experiences shared, sessions in direct, material, news, videos, etc.. The link is:


To whom is it addressed?

The sessions of the Forum RedEmprendia are structured as open video-conferences and count with the participation of Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Experts and Researchers of all Latin America.

How is the agenda of the Forum?

The second edition of the Forum proposes six video-conferences on a monthly basis; starting this month of June and finishing in November: see Agenda.


How can one participate?

  • Interactive participation through video-conference. For this, the institution interested has to send the IP direction for connection by email to, and fill in this brief form.
  • Follow-up via streaming of each session, through the link in the Blog of the Forum RedEmprendia.
  • Participate in Open Area”, where to propose questions and queries to the speakers, before and after each session.

Next session of the Forum RedEmprendia: 19th of June

More information and contact:

  • Paola Cristina Giraldo Osorio

Technology Management Program| Vicerrectoría de Extensión
University of Antioquia
Tel. +57(4) 219 21 23
Cel. 314 717 91 62
Medellín – Colombia

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