FINEP and CDTI, are the major state agencies funding R&D business in Brazil and Spain, respectively. They launch a joint call for submission of R&D projects for international cooperation between enterprises of both countries.

Brazil and Spain are countries with a long tradition of corporate technological cooperation as demonstrated by its action within the IBEROEKA Initiative (118 certified projects with Spanish and Brazilian participation in the period 1991 to 2009), in which both been involved since its launch in 1991. To further strengthen this collaboration, FINEP, Brazil, and CDTI, Spain, signed in 2006 a cooperation agreement by which they undertake to promote, support and finance joint technological projects business entities.

Part of this agreement is the call / joint call.

Project proposals must be submitted in parallel in both Brazil and Spain. The Spanish companies will present their project proposals IBEROEKA through CDTI Site, Application Management Help CDTI. As Brazilian companies will make their presentation through FINEP form.

The proposals will be evaluated jointly by FINEP and CDTI. The selection process of proposals will take place in two phases, so that those proposals selected in the first phase will be called to submit the complete documentation in their respective countries as well as a collaboration agreement associated with the development of the project.

More information: CDTI Innovation Project IBEROEKA

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