HONTZA v3.5 is a platform in open source and GPL licence that aims to democratise the Technology Monitoring and Business Intelligence practices in the organisations through Internet. It is available a free download and a Strategic Intelligence service on-line, able to automatise the process and boost the network.

We spoke with Juan Carlos Vergara (@jcvergar), partner director of CDE – Competitive Intelligence SL., and expert in Technology Monitoring systems for all type of organisations.

Since 2006, AENOR launched the Standard: Technology Monitoring and Business Intelligence.

P: What is HONTZA platform?

R: HONTZA is a platform in open source that automates the process of Business and Strategic Intelligence and articulates through network groups.

  • Free and downloadable through: http://www.hontza.es.
  • The code is modifiable.
  • It is designed to used through groups of users.
  • It can work through a server web with a command or a computer with Windows giving service to an intranet.
  • It is totally compatible with the rule 166006:2011 on technology watch and business intelligence.

Keep reading in Spanish here: http://www.ovtt.org/destacados/hontza-herramienta-para-la-vigilancia-tecnologica-colaborativa

More information:HONTZA

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